IndiControllerThe IndiController allows you to use your mobile device as a multi-device controller for your Windows PC. The IndiController can be used as a mouse, keyboard or an Xbox 360 Controller on a connected PC. Any game that can be played with an actual Xbox 360 controller can be played using one or more IndiControllers (up to four). Despite the number of competing products on the market, IndiController offers a number of features and easy installation steps to set itself apart from the competition.

IndiController client currently works for all Android and iOS devices(iPhone and iPad).

IndiController mouse works on any Windows PC and has options to use a two or three button mouse, show browser navigation controls and adjust the sensitivity of both the mouse and the scrolling.

IndiController keyboard works on any Windows PC and it behaves just like real keyboard. IndiController keyboard comes with different layout options to select such as Full, Basic and Gamer. IndiController keyboard currently supports English layout.

IndiController gamepad works with any game on Windows PC that supports an Xbox 360 (XINPUT) controller, because your PC will see the device as if an actual Xbox 360 controller was plugged in. IndiController also works with Xbox Play Anywhere and PlayStation Now on Windows PC.

To use IndiController on your Windows PC, download the IndiController server application and install it on your PC. There is no need to install additional software besides our server installation because, as mentioned previously, the PC will see the device as an actual Xbox 360 controller and Windows compatible mouse. The IndiController is able to do this because of our IndiVirtualBus SDK.

Who is IndiController for?
  • Don’t feel like looking for a keyboard to connect to your Windows PC? IndiController is for you.
  • Don’t feel like looking for a mouse to connect to your new Windows PC? IndiController is for you.
  • Did that new racing game come out but all you have is your regular gamepad? IndiController is for you.
  • Do you wish you could use motion control to control your camera instead of trying to aim with the right stick or using a keyboard and mouse? IndiController is for you.
  • Do you play GTA and wish you could switch between a controller and a steering wheel? IndiController is for you.
  • Did your friends come over once you got the new Madden game and then you realize all you have is one controller? IndiController is for you.
  • Do you use Steam and don’t have a gaming controller and don’t want to spend $50 on a new one? IndiController is for you.
  • Do you use Kodi or Media Center and are a couch potato? IndiController is for you.

IndiController offers number of features that take using your mobile device as a PC input device to the next level.

Using a mobile device to control the mouse for your PC is much like using the touch pad of a laptop except you can’t change the physical characteristics of a touch pad on a laptop like you can the IndiController. IndiController gives the user the option of a two and three button mouse, browser navigation and even allows customizing the mouse settings on screen. IndiController mouse gives the user the flexibility of controlling their PC from across the room., which can be great for business presentations, laptop DJs and couch potato gamers.

Using a keyboard device to control the keyboard for your PC is much like using a keyboard of your laptop. IndiController gives the user the option of selecting different layouts and full layouts gives you almost all the keys to control your Windows PC. IndiController keyboard behaves just like your physical keyboard which means you can use it even in your login screen, full screen game, etc.

A gamepad on a mobile device, is confined to that device’s screen, unlike how a gamepad fits in a player’s hands. By using your devices sensors as inputs, we will enhance a player’s gameplay capabilities by allowing a player to do things with an IndiController that you could not do using an actual Xbox 360 gamepad. We also offer multiple gamepad layout styles like PS3, Xbox 360 (default), shooter and Racing.

IndiController gamepad layouts include all of the buttons on an actual gamepad including L3 and R3 buttons, left and right stick, two triggers, two bumpers, D-Pad, back, start, X,Y,A,B, the guide button and even displays the device number that would be shown on a real Xbox 360 controller. If your android device has a vibrator, you can enable forcefeedback from settings.

In Racing mode, the sensors will detect when rotating the device like a steering wheel as game input. This feature can also be turned on for the other gamepad layouts in the settings section. It can also be toggled during gameplay for games like Grand Theft Auto when the player jumps into a car after running from whatever mayhem they just caused.

Another feature allows the player to use their device’s sensors to control the in game camera, which is normally controlled by the right stick on a gamepad. Turning the device left and right like you are turning your head or up and down in the same manor controls how the camera moves in game.

The rate of data sent by the device’s sensors can also be modified, just in case you have a low network bandwidth. Setting the data rate to 0 means your device will send it at the maximum rate your sensors will allow. All other values determine how many times per second the signal is sent to the server. IndiController gamepad supports force feedback – allows your device’s vibration to be used as force feedback for games (only on Andoid devices and if your device supports vibrator).

IndiController Demo Videos

Upcoming Features
  • DualShock4 (PS4) controller emulation – allows using IndiController with “PS4 Remote Play” on Windows PC.
  • Customizable gamepad layouts.
  • Server login – IndiController server will allow you to set a password for any connecting clients.
  • Server button press display – This will allow a player to train themselves on what buttons are being pressed without looking at their screen. (works like Windows joystick configurator application).
  • Camera input support – allows your device’s camera as a Windows PC camera.
  • Microphone support – allows your device’s microphone to be used as a Windows PC microphone.
  • Multi-touch gestures support – use gestures to allow for more mouse features like zoom-in and zoom-out along with scroll (currently implemented).

Supported Platforms
  • Windows 7 With SP1+ (32bit and 64bit).
  • Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit).
  • Windows 8.1 (32bit and 64bit).
  • Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit).
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